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misplayed or max value? PLO - nut flush on turn

Keskustelu osiossa 'Hand analysis' , aloittajana Warp, 15.8.2019.

  1. Warp

    Warp Active Member

    Saadut kiitokset:

    I had a hand on PLO25 and I am not sure if I messed it up.

    I am button with 115BB, BB has 40BB - tilt spewy fish, UTG has 300BB and is aggro fishy
    it's on Unibet again what can you do

    I get A:diamond:8:diamond:K:spade:Q:club:
    UTG limps 25C, everybody else folds, I minraise to 50C.
    Various reasons, I don't love my hand, I expect BB to come over the top, and if not I want to see if UTG comes over the top. I can always fold, but it's too strong to limp.
    Sure enough BB comes over the top to 1.85, UTG calls 1.85, I call 1.85 - against BB alone I probably just shove.

    flop comes
    9:diamond:3:club:6:diamond:, pot 5.48 plus rake
    BB donks half pot 2,82 (has 4.78 behind), UTG calls, I call - I have a pure FD, so I want everybody to stay in.
    turn 5:diamond:, pot 13,69 plus rake
    BB bets 3.52 of his 4,78, UTG raises to 7

    What do I do here? What would you do?

    I obviously did not expect any of them to have the nuts flush. I just ripped it in. BB called, UTG folded.

    I feel like I missed value there. I should have just called, 75% of the rivers I can let UTG bet into me, he showed strengths, I showed weakness.
    if the board pairs I have a very difficult decision, I can probably still call it off. If checked to me, I probably can play bet-fold.

    On the other hand I felt: fuck this, he is just isolating BB because he minraised turn. He wants me out and doesn't really have the flush. So he might slow down on river.
    and if all that isn't true: he might be greedy and call it off with a set and get his 25% to pair the board. I have to charge the sets.

    Not sure at all what I should have done. But since in PLO slowplay is often wrong, I am sure I did not do it terribly wrong. It was a nice spot to slowplay though.
  2. Kyyberi

    Kyyberi Well-Known Member
    Ylläpidon jäsen Poker Coach Moderator

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    Problem is that when you raise, it sceams for nut flush. But you are oop to UTG, which is your main opponent (BB is effectively all-in already). If you call, and check river, he probably checks back most of his hands. And if river pairs it will suck too. You could do minraise to make it really hard for him to fold his flush, and then shove river when it's again hard to fold (small bet compared to pot).